What happens at an Aquapix photoshoot?

  • Your child will be in a group of  4 -5 children for a session of 20 – 30 minutes.  Each child will be submerged in turn, with a gap in between to play so that they can relax between submersions
  • We take photographs of your child underwater, as they are submerged by a qualified teacher
  • We take every care to make sure that your child is as relaxed and happy as possible – if they are distressed or unhappy they will not be submerged.
  • Your child will usually have at least 3 opportunities to be submerged (provided you and they are happy)
  • You have the option to be photographed underwater with your child on one of the submersions if you would like to – this is not compulsory, the choice is yours
  • We do everything we possibly can to provide you with a fantastic photograph of your child in the water, which is why we use professional specialist equipment of the highest quality
  • We also offer the opportunity to have some overwater photographs taken of your child in the pool on their own, or together with you
  • We aim to make it a fun, pleasant and memorable experience for you and your child, with great images to keep those memories alive!

What to wear for the photoshoot

  • All babies should wear the double aqua nappy system as they would for their normal lesson
  • It’s a good idea to check that all labels are tucked in and not showing for the photograph

What happens afterwards

  • The images taken during your photoshoot will be displayed on our website, they will be password-protected – you will be emailed with your password when the images are available to view, usually within 2 or 3 days of the shoot taking place.   The password for your session is there to protect your privacy.
  • You can order from a wide choice of options, from digital images on CD or memory stick to prints of various sizes to canvas bonded prints.  Orders can be placed online, by phone or by email
  • Your order will be dispatched to you as quickly as possible, whilst still ensuring that every care and attention is taken, to provide you with amazing everlasting reminders of those special moments of your child learning to swim and enjoy the water
  • We are available to answer any questions by phone or by email.  Our aim is to offer you the opportunity to record for ever some amazing memories of your child’s experiences in the water