5 Week Trial Parent & Baby Course – Only £48

  • Age from 12 weeks old – 3 years old.
  • Warm hydrotherapy pools with temperature from 30- 32C.
  • Fun & friendly lessons
  • Develop water confidence & understanding of water safety
  • Group sizes range form 8-12 couples, depending on the size of the pool.
  • All lessons are for a duration of 30 minutes
  • All teachers are qualified ASA Level 2 or STA Baby & Pre-School.



What the course will cover

During the course you will be taught different types of baby holds in the water, how to support your baby, floating, how to carry out submersions and to encourage independent breathing, and how to develop self-propelling skills. All activities are taught through fun and play, with plenty of nursery rhymes and games to keep your babies and toddlers engaged.

It’s through the fun and games where we progressively develop your babies natural reflexes in the water to encourage voluntary swimming movements, which builds the key foundation for your baby to swim unaided.

The most important thing to remember is that your baby or toddler will progress at their own pace and when they are ready. There is no pressure at anytime, and ultimately we are here to help you introduce your baby or toddler, to the aquatic environment in a safe way, and to enjoy the new experience and special bond it brings. This in turn is also the initial stage of preparing them for water based activities, and life saving skills, later in life.

Benefits of Swimming for Babies

There are many benefits of introducing babies and toddlers to the aquatic environment at an early age, which can be seen in the social, physical and physiological developments of the child.

Babies who develop their swimming abilities are often more alert for their age with a better eating and sleeping pattern.

Additionally, just as in adults, swimming improves the cardio respiratory function of babies and their general health.

STA Baby & Pre-School v6.3 March 2010

Session Preparation

  • To avoid congestion in the changing rooms, please refrain from bringing in car seats and buggies, changing mats are provided.
  • Before entering the pool please make sure you double wrap nappies, or dress with a nappy and snug baby swimming costume
  • For hygiene reasons please shower before and after swimming
  • Please do not bring your baby/toddler swimming if they have either; a severe cold; have open sores or skin complaints; chest infection or ear infections.
  • Please make sure all jewellery is removed from parent and baby/toddler before entering the pool.
  • Before signing to the course please check with your doctor that your baby/toddler is ready for introduction to water and infant aquatics.
  • If there are any medical conditions that we should be aware of please do let the teacher know before the lesson commences

Swimming Teachers

All teachers are fully qualified and have been taught specifically in baby and infant aquatics, with strict training on submersions. – You are in safe hands!

In all infant aquatics intimate holding of babies and toddlers is unavoidable in showing demonstrations and ensuring techniques are performed correctly, therefore all teachers have provided a full CRB check.

Helpful Advice

  • Feeding – it’s recommended that you try to feed your baby/toddler 1-2 hours before swimming. Additionally it’s also a good idea to bring a little snack for after your class, as they can work up quite an appetite!
  • Dress code – As we’re mainly in hydrotherapy pools, water is 32 degrees, a lovely big bath! So babies/toddler will be fine in just a swimming costume, no need for a baby swimming wrap in these pools. For the Green Park, Aston Clinton  venue, due to the pool not being a hydrotherapy pool, any babies & toddlers introduced here are recommended to wear a little wetsuit/swimming body wrap for warmth.
  • What to do if baby cries – The first thing to remember is not to worry, everyone has been there! Our recommendation is to stay in the pool, have some quiet time with your baby and some toys, and join in when you feel comfortable to continue.
  • Changing Time – To make life a little easier we provide baby changing mats for you.
  • Used Nappies, please be aware that most schools do not have specific nappy disposal bins, and so we would be very grateful if you could take these home with you.
  • Changing Rooms – Please note none of our pools have lockers, so where possible please leave valuable items at home, any items left in the changing rooms are left at your own risk. Handbags/small items can be left on poolside in view if you wish.
(*Select venues only, trial to be taken in second half of swim term only)

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