A Star Swim School pride ourselves on our friendly, progressive, dynamic teaching environment. We appropriately challenge all our swimmers to reach their full potential throughout their swimming journey.

How old does my child have to be?
We take children in the pool on their own from the term after their third birthday.
It is essential that all parents/guardians feel certain their child is ready to begin formal swimming lessons without a parent/guardian in the water, before enrolling onto a course. We ask parents/guardians to ensure A Star Swim School’s Terms & Conditions are read and understood before enrolling onto a course.

What do I need to bring to the lesson?
Each swimmer needs a swimsuit, a swimming hat and a towel, goggles are optional. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear a swim nappy. Please ensure that your child is accident free for at least 3 months before swimming without a swim nappy.

Which changing room do I use?
Changing rooms are separate for males and females at all of our venues. Persons above the age of 8 must use their own sex changing room.

Where to go?
Once you proceed onto poolside you will be greeted by our Supervisor, please inform them that you are new. The Supervisor will have your child’s details on their registers, the first week of the term is sometimes a little hectic with many new faces.

At Heritage House and Astley Cooper the children are to wait with their parent/guardian and then walk to the lesson with a Supervisor or teacher.

At Green Park swimmers are asked to wait by the shallow end of the pool. All children who are waiting will be collected by their instructor, who will then assess their swimming ability throughout the lesson to ensure that they are in the right class.
Should your child not feel comfortable waiting on poolside/leaving the parent please keep your child with you, allow the other swimmers to enter the water and a Supervisor will return to you in order to reassure your child and ensure a calm start to the lesson.
The first couple of lessons are aimed around your child feeling comfortable in the water, meeting the other children and ensuring they are excited for the journey ahead.

Do the instructors at A Star Swim School teach in the water?
A Star teachers are always prepared to teach in the water and will do until your child can swim in comfort 10 metres front and back without aids. Even after this the teachers are always prepared to get into the water to teach if a child needs additional help.

Can I watch the lessons?
Yes, you are welcome to watch the lessons, we ask all spectators to stay in the designated seating area which will be shown to you on the first day of term. We ask spectators do not disturb the lessons and speak to the Supervisor for any further information at all.
If you are bringing other young children who are not swimming please ensure that they are supervised at all times and not allowed to walk around the poolside unaccompanied.
At A Star Swim School we encourage parent/guardian to be as positive as possible, a thumbs up, a round of applause, even a big smile will mean a great deal to your child.

  •  Outdoor shoes, buggies or pushchairs are not permitted on poolside. Please ensure that you wear blue shoe covers on poolside at all times to keep the floors clean. These are available at the entrance to the poolside If the overshoes have run out shoes must be removed before entering onto poolside.
  • The use of mobile phones on the poolside is strictly prohibited. If you need to take or make a phone call please do so off poolside.
  • The taking of photographs or videos are strictly prohibited in line with A Star Swim School safeguarding procedures. We will reserve the right to ask for any photos and videos taken to be deleted.

How long are the lessons?
Weekly lessons are 30 minutes in duration. Once your child is accepted into our pre club session lessons are increased to 1 hour in duration. The one hour lessons are essential in order to further increase stamina, build on their skills and ensure the necessary criteria for each Stage going forward has sufficient time to be taught.

How long is a course?
The length of each course varies slightly we run off the school term time calendars, this is usually between 10 – 13 weeks in duration.

What happens during half term breaks?
We run Crash Courses during the Easter and Summer school holidays, please refer to the Crash Course page for further information.

What if my child is afraid?
If you feel your child is not ready for formal swimming lessons please do not enroll them onto a course, we ask parents/guardians to feel confident that their child is ready. If you are aware your child is afraid private lessons may be an idea until confidence increases.
It is common for a child to cry or be afraid when starting something new. A Star instructors and supervisors are trained to deal with the most fearful of swimmers and our supervisors are always on hand to assist if necessary. We use simple repetitive techniques and toys to help calm and reassure children. These repetitive practices help children to feel secure, knowing what is expected of them in the swimming class, thus reducing anxiety.
If your child is feeling upset please be patient and try not to get embarrassed, positivity, consistency and praise are key in your child’s progress. Please sit down on the seating away from the pool edge so that your child knows that you feel comfortable with the situation.
Our instructors encourage children to speak to them as much as possible, please encourage and allow your child to discuss any fears/apprehensions they have with their swimming directly to the instructor in their own words. This ensures our swimmers understand their feelings matter, that they feel valued and feel confident that their instructor will listen. A Star Swim School aim for every child to feel like an individual and special, we will gladly get your child in the water and swimming happily in no time!
If the Supervisor feels your child is not ready for formal lessons just yet, you will be informed within the first 3 weeks of the term. We would advise this if your child is distressed without their parent/guardian or cry’s through the entire lesson for their parent/guardian. Please rest assure we want the best for your child and swimming to be an enjoyable experience. If as a parent at any point you do not feel comfortable please speak to the Supervisor immediately.

What happens if my child is too strong for the class?
If we have assessed a child as too strong for a class, we will move the child straight away into the next group. Should we need to change times we will speak with a parent immediately. At A Star Swim School we aim to get the best results from each child, hence moving a child immediately so that they are challenged and are getting the best from the lessons. As our lessons are busy, if A Star Swim School are unable to offer an alternative class a refund will be issued, minus any lessons attended.

What happens if my child is weaker than the rest of the class?
If we have assessed a child as requiring more support your child may need to move into a different class until the foundations for their Stage are secured. As our lessons are busy, if A Star Swim School are unable to offer an alternative class a refund will be issued, minus any lessons attended.

What if my child is unwell before their lesson?
If you or your child is unwell, we ask that you please do not bring them to their swimming lesson and that you email infoastarswimschool@gmail.com to let us know.
Never bring your child swimming if they have any illness such as an ear infection, diarrhoea, vomiting, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold. Please wait until your doctor has given the all-clear before returning to classes. In the instance of sickness and diarrhoea your child must have been clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending a lesson.
Our teachers may refuse entry to the pool if they reasonably believe that your child is not well enough to participate.

What happens if I cannot make a lesson?
We regret if you are unable to make a lesson or if you feel you need to cancel the course the lessons will not be credited/rescheduled/transferred or refunded. On booking the course you are accepting the place for the full term at the time/day agreed. A full course must be booked at A Star Swim School and we do not make up/credit/refund lessons, therefore please make sure you are committed, your child is ready for formal lessons and you able to attend as many lessons as possible before making payment.

Can I choose my child’s instructor?
We regret parents cannot choose their child’s instructor. All our instructors are fully qualified and undergo observations, teacher training and CPD courses throughout the year.

How do I go about speaking to my child’s swimming instructor?
We have Supervisors at all our classes please feel free to raise any issues that you may have with them. The Supervisor will then feedback any comments to the instructor. We request parents do not disturb the instructors unless it is absolutely essential; we like their time to focus solely on teaching the children. Alternatively, please email us at infoastarswimschool@gmail.com

Do I have to stay for the lessons?
Yes, we ask a responsible adult, who your child knows well to remain with your child. A parent/guardian is responsible for their child at all times.